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If you and your partner have decided to try for a baby, you may have a LOT of questions. Top of the list may be whether there is a sex position which is better than the others to help you conceive. Forget claims that missionary position is the best if you want to have a baby — the answer is actually a lot more staggering. While there is no single sex position that is better for conceiving, there are several which will help you and your partner reach deeper penetration to hopefully boost your chances of falling pregnant.

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Sex and relationship therapist Lianne Younghas suggested four positions which could work for you and should at least quality fun to try. Get your partner to lie crossed legged on the bed, then you go and sit on his lap with your legs wrapped around picture fat girls naked bums. Once he has climaxed stay in this position for as long as possible to hold the semen in best giving his little fellers more chance of impregnating you.

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This position can also be done in reverse, you facing away for him and performing the same movement. The woman needs to get on all fours with her legs apart best her feet together, she needs to push her arms sex in front of her so her bum is lifting into the air. Her partner should then enter her from behind similar to doggy pakistani anties nude sexy pic but in this position he places one knee between her legs and the other leg should go over her back so he has her placed between his legs.

This position if held after climaxing will keep the semen buried deep inside of her because her bottom is pointing upwards, therefore her cervix is facing down. The woman lies on her back and the man goes on top in this simple position, I suggest placing a pillow under her buttocks to allow the pelvic to tilt upwards.

The 5 Best Sex Positions for Women Who Sleep With Women

Not only is this more pleasurable for the man as he can go in deeper it will also help keep the semen in place. Trust me, there is nothing boring about this position especially if the women closes her legs as close as possible well he is inside her. By using her pelvic floor muscles she is not only making her vagina squeeze his penis, she is going to be able to hold his semen inside a lot longer.

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The women should lie on her back with her legs above and behind her head, this will have her bottom facing up into the air. Her partner should then stand behind her slowly guiding his penis into her vagina to penetrate, be advised he will need to squat to get into position. Once in and feeling confident, he should start thrusting his penis up and down, guiding it with his hand if necessary, position sure he goes as deep as possible. Follow Metro.

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