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Joanna was a beautiful African-American woman in her mid-forties with two beautiful children: She was recently divorced from her black Bill whom she had been married to since she was eighteen who left her without an explanation why.

She was left alone She honestly felt like ebony only two people black the world who cared at all about her were her two beloved children who stuck by her through her messy divorce from their father Bill. And she intended to repay them in a big way for their love and devotion! Markus stopped by one afternoon to pay his mother a visit to see how she was holding up.

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Markus was surprised to see his mom sitting on the love seat clad only in this skimpy nightie that Markus had never seen his mom wear before. He tried not to act so surprised by his mom's flimsy--and sexy--attire as he walked in the door and said in his usual ebony voice, "Hi, Mom! How are you doing today? He shut the front door behind him and sat down next ebony his mom on the love seat.

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He looked at his mom and smiled and she smiled back. Purely by accident, he happened to gaze down and catch a glimpse of his mom's pitch black pubic hair that just happened to be sticking out the bottom of her incest nightie.

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He, as quick as he could, turned his head away and immediately felt himself flustered by what he just saw. Joanna smiled broader when she noticed how embarrassed her son was at the discovery that his mother didn't have on any underwear. Joanna said nothing else to her son as she slowly leaned back in the love seat, causing her nightie to raise up even more.

Markus knew he shouldn't, but he just had to look down and have another peek at his scarlett johansson half naked picture naked pussy that was uncovered even more.

If incest didn't know any better, he would've thought she was teasing him like this on purpose. You know that I love you! His mouth was agape as he tried to respond, somehow, to his mother's highly abnormal, and highly shocking, request. She was right; he did want to eat her pussy. The trouble was, he had never done anything like this before. Even though Markus was a handsomely strapping lad incest nineteen, he was still a virgin.

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Joanna, being the perceptive woman that she was, quickly figured out what was really bothering her son. Markus averted his eyes away from black mother's loving, lustful gaze as he slowly nodded his head.

Joanna reached over and gently stroked her son's beautiful black hair.

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She did have a point, he reasoned to himself. Markus started to slowly get off the love seat. Joanna, being the considerate mother that she was, kept coaxing him as she said to him, "Come on, Markus. That's right. Sit in front of me so you can eat your mom's pussy. He stared anxiously at his mom's beautiful pink pussy.