Came in my ass

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I can't believe he did that and you should have said something to him cause that's messed up. I would do a enema just to feel clean again. He literally raped you in the ass just to pleasure himself and be able to come inside without getting you pregnant. I don't think its still there unless you haven't had a bowel movement since. Came really need to be careful with who you sleep with. With all the STDs out there, you are playing with fire.

My boyfriend came in my butt? | Yahoo Answers

You need to always use a condom regardless of whether you are on birth control or not especially with someone you barely know. Ass felt really bad when you said that this wasn't the first time that a guy just hit it and quite it.

I can't imagine how that would feel and you shouldn't let guys use you like this. You deserve so much better then that.

I just let my friend have anal sex and cum in my ass (I'm a woman)

You need to find yourself a real man that will stick around and ass more respect for you. I know its none of my business but I'm just trying to help you ndia sex com please don't be mad.

As far as your question, you need to do some kind of cleanse if you feel that its still inside you. If you've had a bowel movement then it wouldn't be possible. You might need someone to came it to you though. I don't know exactly what it is and I feel as ass someone on here would be able to explain it better than someone on google or something. You can give it to yourself and just go to Walgreens and get one. You can ask the pharmacist how to do it also. I work came a pharmacy and we have people ask us all the time.

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