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Forced to crossdress and tied up! Dec 22, 7 min read. Our story starts with a strange invite to my ex's house whom i had not spoken to for quite some time.

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She said she crossdress to 'still be friends' after our several arguments leading to a break-up. I felt somewhat suspicious of the occasion but agreed to come to her house. Her parents were away for the week, as were mine, causing me to need to get the bus there. I arrived at the house and knocked crossdress the door, she opened and greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

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This was already strange behaviour. We talked for a good few hours and after the conversation died down we considered ourselves well So she had the lets say 'genius' idea of crossdress my makeup. She decided to do it in the style of Taylor Swift, black winged eyeliner, matte red lipstick, concealer, foundation, subtle eye-shadow. It was expertly done and looked professional.

She sex o mixxx o to give me a wig too, blonde and somewhat long which she tied back into a bun.

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I legitimately looked like a beautiful women teen mina sex pics now. No thank you, this is far enough i feel embarrassed already.

She shrugged and told me to wait a second. She came back with a bag and shut the door behind her. I heard a lock before she proceeded to draw the blinds. She said nothing and told me to turn around and close my eyes for a surprise. Out of nowhere she pounced on me, pinning me down on my stomach on the bed.

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She yanked my hands behind my back and secured them together with handcuffs. Before i could curse at her, she pulled a bandanna between my lips and proceeded to cleave gag me. This was not good. She proceeded to cuff my arms to the bed with a second set of cuffs before furiously pulling off my trousers.

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Out of the bag she pulled a pair of black panties and opaque tan tights. I murmured into the gag, acting crossdress if this was a nightmare when in actual fact this was a dream come true. She un-cuffed me and handed me some clothes. A pair of opaque tan tights, black panties and matching black padded bra. Fake breasts, a vintage 50s white dress and black boot heels. I walked into the bathroom and rolled down my boxers. Crossdress pulled the panties up and proceeded to begin putting on the tights. I'm not going to lie, i know exactly how to put on tights.

I do it all the time when i'm home alone, but i've never been forced to do it and tied up. I rolled the tights up one leg, then the other and stood. I took off my t-shirt and let it drop crossdress the floor. I then secured the fake breasts in place with the bra and put on the dress.