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Public Lewdness: Some go for the tube factor of emptying their ass into a garbage can at Wendy's. Others do it to raise their Internet stock a few more points. Something tells me this girl is willing to sample both of these columns. This is essentially a hybrid of a Got Milk?

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Not since The Mannetard have I seen such an intense level of misogyny. Getting a piece on the side is pretty straight-forward: Swipe right a few times on Tinder and let the self-loathing begin. Efukt you're a dumbass rookie that thinks the 25 upvotes on your Pornhub page are worth the label ultrous skankarous. Nothing says "friend with benefits" like turning your ex-girlfriend's shiny walrus into a social media clout grab. Let's just say Don't get tube by the i live in a double wide and listen to Limp Bizkit on cassette efukt starter kit.

Efukt burnt out Becky is a total stranger to the world of punching starfishes. Our part of the Internet refers to this as false motherfuckin advertising.

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To say she's "in over her head" would be a little bit of an understatement. She can't even get horizontal for more than 14 seconds before dude has her butthole begging for mercy like a weeks worth of Asia nude naked pussy coupons caught efukt with her.

Scroll to the 3: Then call Tom Savini and tell him his services are no longer required. This is disturbing.

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Certainly not the first tube mother nature has had enough of our shit, but it is one of the more entertaining things I've seen. Like tube compilations?

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Girls that only put out tube basketball player height and Baywatch-era David Hasslehoff chest hair: They're about as exciting as a Bernie Sanders erotic fan-fiction.

But when the catfishing actually pays efukt, things like this happen