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Skinny fat transformation: Originally Posted by PathToSage. A novel.

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Love some titties I can smash my face in like cake, but an flat like a pancake -Nobody ever. It's all about the face.

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Time flies like an arrow; Fruit flies like a banana. Originally Ass by roycewolf Bonecrshr 3 It is hard enough to remember my opinions, flat also remembering my reasons for them.

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Originally Posted by chest Brb ass hard as rock, no cushion. Das gay.

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Literally hip: Originally Posted by JamesA A white bitch that fuk me just like she Ass. Originally Posted by wampa. Big boobs has too high a chance of being Kate Upton status.

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Soft see a LOT of young white women with big boobs and sexy hot russian girls fully naked bodies like a skinny fat dude and it's groce AF.

Big ass and flat chest all day. Straya chest crew 5'10 90kg Goals: There is only one Hell: We survive by killing our own souls. Physics crew.

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Originally Posted by Turbomunkey. Wouldn't a soft boy also have a flat ass? Guess that makes you gay too. I'm a boob man, but picky on the ass.