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What It's Really Like to Be a Lesbian Porn Star

Here, she talks about what it's like to work with straight female performers, how she changed her look to conform to mainstream porn standards, and how she wants her porn to appeal to both women and men.

I've never touched a penis in my entire life. I am a lesbian. This is my eighth year doing porn.

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I did some mainstream indies, but my main gig was commercials. I worked on one porn shoot and was like, Oh, I could do this.

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Then I stars taking some porn work on the side and I loved it. I realized I could make my own porn and sell it.

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I started selling, and then Photo porno rani mukerji started directing porn for a couple of companies. It was definitely a conscious decision to put my time and resources into becoming a porn product. I chose that. I had been a domme in college a little bit, so I was familiar with sex work. I booked some work off Craigslist for [my first] girl-girl scene. I didn't know what I stars doing but I like sex. On the day of the shoot, I went to the house where the shoot was, and there halley sweet all these blonde tan girls with fake boobs, and they took one look at me and were like, "Oh my god, you need to get a spray tan.

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I was so embarrassed. I was a recovering goth and a super-pale girl and that was a thing that mattered to me, it was a part of who I was. But I wasn't embarrassed about the sex at all.

The scene was supposed to be that it was my first time with a girl. When I was talking to the director, he was just like, "No way, no one will believe it.

I've definitely been more accepted by mainstream porn than queer porn.

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But when I first got in, everybody was like, "No," because I don't look like a porn star. I don't look girl what they're used to selling. I approached every girlporn in porn and every one of them said, "No, maybe if you started doing boy-girl or grew your hair out. I told people that girl they gave me a chance, I wouldn't disappoint them, and I girlporn up on time, I do a great scene, I'm cool to crew, and one of the things they know about me is if they call me and they put me with a girl who doesn't know how to do a scene that I'll make it good.

Half my time now is producing and directing, and half is performing. My wife is my cameraperson for a lot of my projects, and she is one of my editors, and she built my website. I met her in college. We were both transfer students.

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We started dating in college and got married in because it was legal in California. I got into porn two months after we got married. She was with me the whole time.

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She didn't care about the sex. If you date me long-term, you have to enjoy the fact that I fuck like that. I love the way that I look now. I'm way hotter than when I got in it, but my wife is into a nerdy, butchy lesbian. When I lost 40 pounds, she didn't even notice. We'd had clashes about choices I've made to be more appropriate to porn, but she never cared about the sex. It's my job.