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VANCOUVER — Though scientists and academics have pondered the grandpas of a gay bloodline for almost as long as gays gay walked this mighty Earth, the findings still feel hazy, or at least my limited-at-best research has come up with more questions than answers. But without some kind of bloodline, how are the stories of our queer ancestors passed on? Where do young queers get a concrete sense of what came before?

The Internet and popular culture do not legacy make.

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So what can we do? To gay, we can say hi.

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Just hi. Nude canadian girl galleries queer elders are all around us — Grandpas the bar, in Jim Deva plaza, at Pride.

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But we need to be willing to connect. When I lived in Toronto ten years ago I had gay grandpas. One was a drag queen, decked out in heels, even at 76; the other was his partner of 50 years. I found that inspiring, both the grandpas and the longevity of their relationship.

We never spent time together outside of the bars, but I also spent a hell of a lot grandpas time in the bars, so it felt like quality time.

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As a bright-eyed little homo, these men opened my gay eyes. Hearing about the early years of their relationship, about their unwillingness to actually admit to one another that they were in a relationship together as a result of the turbulent world around them, made me deeply grateful for how far queer rights have come.

What a gift. Through these dinner parties we were able to meet two gentlemen who we consider some of our dearest friends.

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There are decades gay divide us and we have had very different life experiences, and we take the time we have together gay share these untold stories from our gay lineage. These incredible men, at 65 and 85, have become our gay grandparents, though they would kill us if we ever grandpas that in front of gay.

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Let me be clear: These men are not our daddies. They are not picking up the cheque. How people will tell the story of who we were. Connect with BeatRoute.

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