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And aches and pains.

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Also, sore muscles. Back pain, put that on sex and submision list. Swollen, achy feet? OK, so maybe the list is longer than ONE thing.

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The fact is, pregnancy is unbelievably hard on your body! Especially towards the end.

19 Things Pregnant Women Got Shamed For That Will Make Your Blood Boil

You know what helps tired, achy, sore bodies feel better? A nice, warm, relaxing bubble bath. So is that one of those definite no-nos?

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I was hot and swollen and everything hurt so much. Apparently, there is some, uh, questionable information floating around about bubble baths during pregnancy. Even with the google at our fingertips, some people just love to hang onto old, outdated information when it comes mom pregnancy and child birth! Here is the good news: Take 3 a day, live hot up!

Are Hot Summer Days Risky for Pregnant Women? | Live Science

But, as with everything that has to do with pregnancy, there are some considerations to gif. Related Items being pregnant during pregnancy having a baby mother health news pregnancy and health pregnant care. You may also like Toxoplasmosis In Pregnancy: Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention. Tags gallery news parenting childrearing celebrity mom pregnancy being a mom entertainment pop culture stuff Facebook breastfeeding children's health having a baby motherhood social media marriage sex working mom school STFU Parents parenting advice children's safety rape mother health food Christmas sexism abortion Twitter.