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Ah, is there anything better than a sunny day at the beach? Maybe a sunny day at the beach, plus some hot sex? Of course, while the the roll-in-the-sand as waves wash over you scene may look steamy in movies, anyone who's given it a go knows it's not quite so cinematic IRL. You get sand in places you really never wanted homemade xxx tubes to go, ocean waves suddenly feel more treacherous than alluring, and logistically, it's challenging to pull off.

Not to mention, as Alyssa Dweck, M. And, although getting busy in the ocean may seem like a clever call no one can see what you're doing under the water, right?

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Water washes away natural lubricants, which could potentially leading to micro-abrasions and UTIs. No thank you! For starters, make sure you bring an extra large towel or beach chair to use as a barrier against any sand-in-vagina debacles and an extra one for concealment. Plus, in some cases, standing positions can be great options, too. Of course, it bares noting that public sex is illegal pretty much everywhere—so unless you're on a private beach, well, proceed with caution.

Couple perform sex act in front of families on beach in Brighton | Metro News

Now that we got that out of the way: To cause some commotion in the ocean or near While a roll in the sand may not be the best way to go, some action on a beach towel is a great alternative.

One of the simplest options is having seated position, which you can easily do on the comfort of a towel, while still maintaining an air of subtlety. Push that bathing suit to the side, and beach her.

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Are you having sex or just sitting together? The beach will never know. To avoid getting even the tiniest speck of sand men up in your business, go for good ol' girl-on-top. Lie down on a towel, have her climb on top, and go to town.

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Granted, this isn't exactly the most subtle position, even with a towel covering. So reserve this position for a nighttime sex sesh, or when the beach is totally empty.


This position is perfect when you want to cozy up and "watch the sunset" together—either in a beach chair or sitting on the edge of an empty lifeguard tower. The best part: Sit down, then have her back up onto you, sitting between your legs. Drape a towel sex blanket over the two of you for ultimate privacy.