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Strawberry Milk unknown. Another word for incest. Typically a code name used during conversation to the other partner which is your cousin.

Hey at our family reunion sex you want me to give you some Strawberry Milk in the kitchen?

Urban Dictionary: Strawberry Milk

Having sex with a girl while she is on her period, and cumming woman her mixing the semen with the blood, therefore making " strawberry milk. Oh nothingjust making some strawberry milk.


When a man cums into a woman, while she is on her period. The strawberry milk is the mixture of semen and menstruation that falls out of the vagina.

Sex Hormones in Milk

I just made strawberry milk inside of her. Their is strawberry milk all woman my sheets. Strawberry Milk sex. Sex said that she was on the rag. I gave her some milk milk by jizzing inside her. When a man ejaculates onto a woman's vagina while she is mensturating mixing the semen and the blood to create a pink milky like substance aka strawberry milk.

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Dude i was hangin out with a girl last night and she totally let me make some strawberry milk on her vag. Strawberry milk unknown.

A person, often someone who keeps reappearing close to your inner circlewho is nude panty commercials video out of her mind nuts. She usually has problems holding her alcohol and often speaks incoherently about mental issues. She's totally strawberry milk!

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When a company milks a franchise so much that they're not milking it anymore, they're bleeding it to death. Did you hear that they're doing another Guitar Hero game?

Yea, that franchise is strawberry milk. Dummy Thicc Titty Fart