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By gaining equitable treatment and winning the world championship, members of U. Subscribe today! The U. Six members posing nude on the ice for the Body Issue?

Not even their bravest move this year. In March, they announced they would boycott the world championship, demanding equitable pay and better training conditions and support by the league.

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After winning naked battle, they swiftly went on to claim gold against Canada -- in overtime, no less. Body Issue reporter Stevland Wilson caught up with them recently to discuss their fearless and groundbreaking year:.

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You run into people at the airport who ask what sport you play, and they're like, "Oh, I thought you'd be bigger. We like to be feminine. We love to get dressed up and be pretty.

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But we love to train and be strong and be aggressive. There's this misconception that, if we play ice hockey, we're a certain way off the ice. We're normal. From a naked standpoint, we're strong women.

Women’s hockey team announces injury with naked picture

We have big legs and big butts. It's all about acceleration, explosion, power; it's all about the glutes. We're not size girls, but we're proud of our greatest assets, which are our legs and our butts. We want to be fast. We want to be strong.

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We want to be dynamic and powerful and conditioned. Hockey of us really represent that in a different way. Everyone brings a different piece to games table. We all have different body types. I have a pretty big butt, but then my legs are like bird legs.

But I still can lift just as much as these girls can lift. We're strong women, not just physically but mentally. You don't have to be shy about being strong or being able to lift as much weight as the guy next to you.

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Yeah, we might not be a size 2, but we're confident in what we do, what we put on the ice, and what we do day in and day out. I work with a lot of college athletes and younger women [as a strength and conditioning games. We can use kanker nude girls photos bodies to do amazing things, and you should be proud of that, not embarrassed.

Own it. Young women can develop great confidence in that, and I think they are role models for that.

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Be proud of yourself and who you are. I've heard Meghan has quite girls reputation for a hockey diet. How would you describe her nutrition regimen?