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Reallly frustrated about the Caster Semenya appeal ruling today. Fuck the double standards female athletes face. Just imagine a biological man crashing into your average women on a school football or rugby team.

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February 7th marks National Girls and Women tumblr Sports Day, a day to celebrate female athletes of all ages. In honor of nude day and the upcoming winter olympics, many of my posts this month will center around female athletes, so be on the lookout for those! Lifting weights makes you toned. Because it is important to convince her that she will retain her femininity. She will continue to look womanly, girly, whatever. Now, before I go any further, I know that I will be condemned if I do not say sexy sluts making out first: It is you body.

Make it look how you want it to look.

Sexy Sports Women

Let me follow it up with: Lifting, in and of itself, has no bearing on how bulky or not bulky you look. And let me follow that up with this: Lifting weights has NO bearing, whatsoever on your femininity.

It tumblr not detract from your femininity. It does not add your femininity. Because femininity, by definition, has nothing to do with your appearance. It has everything to do with your sex organs or your gender orientation. If you are female, or if you consider yourself porn pin up rape woman, you are feminine.

It athletes not depend on your look. You could have a penis, visible muscle, and a green mohawk and you can still be feminine.

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Why is it that we are always trying to convince females new to lifting that they will not gain bulk? Why is looking bulky so wrong? Why are we female trying to avoid it? Woman and females are not supposed to be strong! We are, after all, the weaker sex. Woman nude westernized, hetero, cis, normative gaze groups all females and no males in this group, mind you are to be svelte and soft. We are to have little arms, ample breasts, and round hips for child-bearing. We are to have dewy skin, glowing with health and joy, but we cannot flush or sweat with work.

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Because we are to stay home! And bear children! And take care of everyone!

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And we are to do so with grace. Even though most households have working women these days, we are still held to the old standards. Outward strength is not desirable in a mate. So much so, that it is not even desirable for athletes. Athletes the conundrum, huh?

Women are not to display strength, even when they participate in a sport that is based on strength.

Hottest Olympic Girls

It shouts that you are more and want more than what society and culture are female to give you! That only you can define yourself and your limits!

As Leslie Hollywood mom potn, from Bodymakers: Why is bulky bad?