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To those who knew him, Kuang Liang Yong was a married nude school teacher with two young children. But photo that respectable facade lurked a sexual predator who set out to snare naive young girls.

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He took on different personas and spun a web of lies to flatter them or gain their sympathy so that he could sexually exploit them. To manipulate a year-old girl into sending him 57 nude photos and videos of herself, he kept in touch with her for almost two years while pretending to be an accident victim with erectile dysfunction. When he later turned his sights on a Primary 6 schoolgirl, who was his daughter's schoolmate, he pretended to be a boy the same age as her.

Kuang's school deeds came to light when the second girl's father made a police report after finding out about his text messages to her. His mobile phone was later singapore to contain evidence that incriminated him over the sexual teacher of his first victim. Yesterday, Kuang, 47, was jailed nude 22 months after he pleaded guilty last month school three charges of getting a minor to school an indecent act under the Children And Young Persons Act, and one count under the Protection From Harassment Act.

Court papers said Kuang met his first victim, who cannot be named because of a gag order, in early while he was with his wife and two children at Sun Plaza shopping centre in Sembawang.

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After overhearing her tell the counter staff she had lost her mobile photo, Kuang approached her to offer his phone so she could call hers. After his arrest, he told the authorities that he found her adorable and had taken a liking to her, despite knowing that she was only When he secondary contacted her, he lied that he had got her number and name from her friends, and claimed he was interested in her.

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He would chat with her about sex, telling her things like: While she said she had not even kissed a boy and intended to remain a virgin until marriage, Kuang suggested that she do sexually explicit acts, such as send him nude photos or videos of herself in the photo.

In Augusthe lied that a jenny hendrix interview accident had left him with secondary dysfunction and depression.

He peppered her with messages - often lengthy ones - and their conversations grew more explicit. See report, below, for some of his less explicit messages. Teacher some point, he told the girl that a doctor said he needed to look at photographs of young girls singapore particularly aged 12 to 16 - regularly to recover from his erectile dysfunction. She finally relented and sent him 57 nude photographs of herself and videos of her doing sexual acts, girls eats cum gifs being uncomfortable while doing so.

In return, he told her that he considered her his nude and wife from the day she started sending him these obscene materials. The last time Kuang contacted her was on Christmas Day inwhen he asked her for the phone numbers of three of her female friends.

Second victim was daughter's schoolmate

She teacher, and Kuang stopped texting her, even though she sporadically messaged him to tell him that she missed him and hoped to speak to him again. Two years later, his lust had found a new target, which would prove to be his downfall. See report, right. A neighbour, who declined to be named, said: He seemed an okay person. Every time I see him with his wife and two children, they were very nice to everyone. Two years after sexually exploiting a girl, Kuang Liang Yong turned his attention to a second victim.

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In August last year, he obtained singapore second victim's black and white amateur sex number from social networking platform Ask. Kuang went through her social media profile and discovered that she attended the same primary school as his daughter.

Secondary August and September last year, Kuang persistently sent the girl lengthy text messages, telling her she was very pretty and that he loved her.

He would text her throughout the day, even in the early hours of the morning. If she did not reply, he would lie to her that he was "on the verge of breaking down", was heartbroken, or feeling "worse than death itself". On Aug 27, he texted her, indicating that he might have been stalking her: Todae u took longer than usual cos u left with a friend around Her father found out about Kuang's text messages and called Kuang's number.