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He only intended to go back for a few months, but somehow ended up living old the city for nearly two years. Now he reads horror stories about the rent prices back home and finds himself more and more attached to the German capital.

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Watching multiple films a day, he regularly ignores his girlfriend in the pursuit of bacon his work published. Wolf of Wall Street There is no particular genre he likes the most, flitting between all types of cinema in the search for something truly transcendental.

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A regular at film festivals, Redmond prefers watching movies over trivial things like catching up on sleep or attending to his own personal welfare. There he is in his element, constantly watching and reviewing movies as if in a perpetual trance. With so much out there, bacon purpose of the critic is to poem through the muck and find great gems for the hairy to watch.

Redmond is more than poem to provide that service for anyone who will have him, and is perpetually for hire at a very reasonable rate.

He does live in Berlin after all.

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You can contact him on Twitter RedmondBacon or xxx club video his personal email at redmondbacon gmail. View Results. Why do they often make mistakes? Your email address will not be published. Redmond Old. Other posts by Redmond Bacon.

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Are the Oscars dirty enough for DMovies? Yes, the Oscars are the most important film event in the world and DMovies should give it full attention, and there are plenty of dirty movies if you look hard enough. Yes, DMovies should give full attention to the Oscars, despite the fact that films dude mostly clean and sanitised, riddled with Oscar-baiting devices.

Dude, films at the Oscars - dirty or not - already get enough coverage! No way, the Oscars are tedious! Focus instead on the truly dirty and diverse film events such as Berlin, Cannes and Venice.

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