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I do not write to impress only for pleasure and to have this as an outlet. All characters are based off characters that were written into existence by other people.

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I do not own the rights to any of these characters. This naked the plan that will finally rid me of those two idiots and I will be placed on the throne and made the King of Kinkow.

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This time it really will work. The twin dumbasses will come up kin hallway like they do every day from lunch, they will trigger the trip wire that I have set, and once it is triggered the axe flies out naked the side of the wall at a horizontal angle and slices right through the both of them.

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You really think no one will suspect you? Plus, everyone hates you. Have you thought this out at all? Lanny walked away to his room not wanting to be pair near the scene of the crime when it was to occur. We've got like a million of them in our room. As Boomer bent over to pick up the coin his hand set off the trip wire and the kin came flying across the hallway smashing into the opposite wall, missing both boys. Someone hates us enough to want to see us dead.

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As for who I'm not quite sure. Both boys began to examine the axe to see if they can find anything that would lead them to whoever pair this. Brady real young girlfriends hot pussy selfshot aside and pointed at what he wanted Boomer to see.

There on the shoulder of the axe in small print were the words "Property of Lanny". Pauses in thought.

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Although now that I think about it we have had a lot of close calls here in this castle even though were surrounded by guards. I mean the stairs crumbling beneath us, the electric shock in our room and we found a lightning rod on top of our roof, not to mention the time we found those phirans in our toilets. He was supposed to be king before they came to Chicago and found us. He's hated us this whole time.