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Me and my friend were asked to do some kissograms stripping to your boxers on the weekends. He started first so one weekend I had to travel around male watch him and another girl do some gigs. The routine involved dressing as a priest, saying a god awful poem and the cliche rip off pants.

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But as I rip off my pants the reaction definitely changes due to my video uk xxx cock slipping out from the electric pink thong. Meanwhile, my friend managed to recover in the car so he and the girl charged in and stripped off as well which saved the day, we danced around for a while, it was great and they got 3 strippers for the price of one.

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I got into the car safely and the others got in eventually too, the raging men real back to strippers. Also, when I gave the tong back to the girl in the strippers she started wailing crying and shouting that she wanted to go home while putting it back on. We were at max 20 minutes away and she insisted we pull over, she cried on the side of the road and this obviously delayed her from getting home.

We got her home eventually, she was pissed but always a very strange person. Great night, though. It was hosted real a Red Roof Inn. I know—classy, right? Anyways the girl getting married and her friends are already a bit tipsy and yelled at me to strip for them. So then the kissing obviously makes me go into salute mode and she starts sucking on it and by then I stopped dancing and was enjoying it.

I left the motel and drove home and rubbed one out.

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I never spoke to the the bride or seen her again after that night but I know she married the guy according to her rtscebook. However, girls would always come in, especially during the summer since that was bachelorette party season. It was a slow Sunday night in June. I had only been working there for a couple months.

This big group of girls come in and just start tipping a bunch. They said they all wanted to get lap dances. At the club, we are not allowed to give lap dances to girls. Too many guys got caught slipping a finger in or something. Turns out, nude rented a suite at a hotel near the club male gave me their number to nude do a private show when I was off. I show up to the hotel room and start doing the lap dance thing.

Shit got all hot like one of those Dancin Bear videos.

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I ended up banging the maid of honor in front of everyone. That was pretty cool. But then I banged the bride in front of everyone.

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To make matters even better, they were sisters. Oh, and the worst thing about it was the bride found me on Facebook two weeks after she got married. I only do it if they can guarantee all the attending chicks will be hot nude women caught on hidden camera that I can get the rate that I want.

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The one lady I was dancing for, the bachelorette, started sucking my dick. Her friend though pulls her off and before I know it her friend lands her asshole onto my dick. I start fucking, all is correct with the universe.