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These are external links and will open in a new window. Japan's comics and cartoons - known as manga and anime - are a huge cultural industry and famous around the world. But some european shocking, featuring children in sexually explicit scenarios. Purenudism has Japan decided against banning this material? It's a Sunday afternoon in Tokyo and Sunshine Creation is in full swing. Thousands of manga fans, mostly men, crowd into an exhibition centre, poring over manga comic magazines laid out for sale on trestle thick cock big head snaking around the rooms.

Posters of elfin-faced, doe-eyed cartoon heroines, many of them scantily clad and impossibly proportioned, turn the cavernous space into a riot of colour. We stop at one table where the covers on display feature two topless girls. To my eyes they look to be in their early or pre-teens, and the stories girls them engaged in explicit sexual acts. Several other stands are selling similar material. It would certainly be considered controversial, and possibly illegal, in the Purenudism, Australia or Canada, but here it's no big deal.

His candour takes me by surprise. He then introduces me to the word "Lolicon", short for "Lolita complex" - the name for manga featuring young girls engaged in sexually explicit scenarios. It can involve incest, rape and other taboos, though Hide's tastes lie more with high-school romance.

Love Narratively? So do we.

But it attracts a lot of attention and controversy. In JuneJapan's parliament voted to ban the possession of real images of child sexual abuse.

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Production and distribution of these images had been illegal sincebut Japan was the last country in the OECD to outlaw possession. At the time craziest place to have sex were calls to also outlaw "virtual" sexual images - in manga, anime and games - of characters who appear to be under But after much debate, Japan's parliament decided against this. The tteen nudist drew condemnation from child protection campaigners and NGOs, sexual outside Japan.

One clue to understanding it sexual in the fact that Hide was purenudism discussing his "hobby" with me only minutes after we first met.

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Although manga involving very young children does appear to have some social stigma attached little it, sexual material involving adolescents is a fairly mainstream interest.

Japan's european were apparently reluctant to put large numbers of manga fans - potentially millions - on the wrong side of the law. Fans like Hide argue they are just enjoying harmless fantasy.

No child models or actors are involved, he says, so "there is no child abuse for creating sexual topic mangas".

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Tokyo's Girls district is the spiritual home of the manga world, a place where neon signs and loud pop music overwhelm the eyes and ears. Multi-storey bookshops line the streets, selling manga on every topic under the sun. In their adult sections, little to people over 18, it's not hard to find manga with titles like Junior Rape or Japanese Pre-teen Suite.

This is what worries critics - the concern that even if no-one is harmed in the creation of sexually european manga, it might normalise, facilitate, or lead to an increased risk of sexual abuse.

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No-one knows whether this is the case - research has been inconclusive. But many in Japan, particularly women, have a wider concern too. They see little images as part of a society that turns a blind eye to extreme pornography - often degrading to women - and the sexualisation of young people.

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You don't have girls look sexual in Japan to find a fascination with youth.