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Show Us Your …The quality of stage banter has dropped to an all-time low, somewhere between the script for the average UPN comedy and a monologue on race relations delivered by John Rocker or Reggie White. The recent Poison concert featured middle-age mothers baring their breasts dalila pornstar their daughters, a disturbing sight but not quite as jarring as seeing the training bras come off at the kiddie-packed Blink show.

The Bloodhound Gang also reveled in a clothing-optional atmosphere, although nude group eventually became annoyed by the teeny-bopper breast-baring and angrily requested a more mature example of the female form. However, between sets, the apparently irresistible urge to incite cheers from sweaty daisy fuentes porn star guys compelled dozens of young women to lift their tops.

A similar scene took place at the Deftones show, as a backstage-pass-wielding member of the road crew orchestrated a one-woman peep show.

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This young lady exercised control of the situation, pouting for applause before lifting her shirt up to her neck.

Often, the combination of microphone amplification and a summer-festival crowd leads even noncelebrities to your groupie-style favoritism.

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Also uncommon are rude requests from aggressive male fans toward unsuspecting females, although a volatile combination of artist and mob mentality could easily result in such a scene. Given such an atmosphere, it seems far from coincidental that sexual assaults later occurred at this ill-fated show. The deck is already stacked against female fans.

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