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Read the latest news reports and real life stories about some of the weirdest weird experiences between the sheets. Weird Sex. Umm what? Man compares lipstick to something very sexual - and leaves everyone very confused.

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Snakes Couple's ceiling collapses under the weight of two enormous snakes mating. Sex confess 'dumbest' things men have ever said to them about sex and periods. Weird sex Naked man and woman burst into pensioner's home and start having sex.

Crime Weird, 24, shot dead after 'using loaded gun for arousal in sex game gone wrong' Two lovers were reportedly under the influence of drugs when the shooting took place in Valrico, Florida, US. Sexuality Dominatrix opens up about clients' 'sex addictions' amid boom in step programmes. Sex robots Nude female indirt or mud robot having opens in Japan amid surge of men having bisexual threesomes.

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Crime Businessman, 48, filmed his girlfriend having sex with his dogs Wayne Horkan, of Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, had also downloaded 1, still images involving video acts with dogs and horses. Crime Man with history of pleasuring himself near horses strikes TWICE in 24 hours Hull Crown Court heard how Malcolm Downes, 61, is "unable or unwilling" to stop himself performing sex acts in public.

Sex drive From swinging to low libido: Students Students people themselves to rich men on 'sugar daddy' website. Sex toys Sex toys used to look very different - and people thought they 'cured sex You might assume that vibrators are a relatively new phenomenon, but they've actually been around for a very long time.

Weird sex Woman, 31, has severe allergic reaction after performing sex act on video. Weird sex Strangers 'strip off and have sex in front of passengers on National People coach' The man and woman are thought to have been complete strangers before meeting on the coach heading to Exeter when they decided to get intimate.

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