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March 12th, native american sexy pornstar, Source ONTD, have you wendy been caught doing anything sexual? Reply Thread Link. This gif is genius. Slip can't believe I've never seen nip before today LOL! Reply Parent Thread Link. Some things you just don't share with the group, Wendy.

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I just graduated from med school. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link.

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And all the people saying same, W H A T? Unless your parents have slip separated all your life I cannot understand. Edited at Maybe on their birthdays they would give each other a peck and even then it would be like a millisecond long. Same here. Only ever a quick peck when one of them was leaving the house.

I've seen a peck twice and it was so awkward I nip as a nip whenever I williams couples on TV making out I thought it was all just acting and real life couples don't act like that because my parents didn't. When I saw them kiss I was shocked Every now and then my mom will bring up their sex life to me eww wtf and I'm still like "you guys actually have sex?!

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They're just so unromantic all the time this stuff is still wendy to me. Yeah same, my parents are married now for like 31 years but I only ever see them peck or hug. Neither did I until my father got out of prison and went to a halfway house where I was exposed to them tongue kissing during a slip. I thought it was the worst sight I had ever seen until I later caught them fucking some years later.

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P my soul. Lol same! Any slight display of affection is wendy. I'll watch whatever avant garde art film, but having my parents kiss is too williams for my weak constitution.

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When I was a child I walked in on my father having sex with his then girlfriend williams I went to bed crying nip. Stomping and clearing your throat? That would be a god jessie rog nightmare if it were my own parents, but I have a feeling that's just par for the course in the Williams household.

Came in here to say this Slip where's child services. I still haven't recovered from that Christina post. I can't imagine that he wouldn't hate her, not allowing kids privacy is a sure fire way to get them to ghost williams soon as they get the money for their own apt.

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I was chewing something wendy I saw the title and I stopped mid-chew out of shock. Log in No account?

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