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Child pageants are still really popular. Love 'em or hate 'em, parents can't help but gasp in horror at some of the pictures of the little girls competing against each other. Sticky, tacky lipstick smeared on young, innocent lips; lipstick drawn on beyond the natural border of the girl's lips; and eyeshadow and mascara glopped on smooth, young and poreless skin, making a four-year-old look much more ahem mature than she really is.

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Oh, my God! Rather than looking like the beauty, innocent beauty she is, a contestant young like Even beyond the stage makeup, look at the hair! Poufy, teased hair that reminds people of the "big-hair" days of the 80s and 90s. These little girls, who are probably pics competing for a few hundred or thousand dollars, don't look like they enjoy what's been done to their faces and hair.

Who knows? Seeing how a little girl ends up looking like an year-old is more than just creepy and disturbing. Knowing who's out beauty, just waiting to prey on children, the idea of making them look older than their years is frightening.

Looking at some images, viewers may wonder, "Where did the child go? All that's there now is the image of a pint-sized 'adult. If someone is looking for a kid to molest, this is the perfect scenario, and it's really pretty scary.

Child Beauty Pageant ~ Damn Cool Pictures

Even though the makeup may be pastel, it's practically slapped on pics a garden trowel. Lipstick on a child should be more like tinted lip balm and it shouldn't extend the natural outline of the lips, either. Look at the little girl's eyelashes. She's not wearing false eyelashes, thankfully.

But so much mascara was put on, her eyes look like they belong on a high-school junior. Looking at the eyeliner, that was professionally done. Hmmm, one wonders. What young, thinking parent would believe it's a good idea to pagent a toddler into a costume with a. A la Madonna? Yes, that Madonna.

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In no world that pics children should this ever happen! Yes, for this one, you might be screaming, "This is beyond disturbing," and you'd be spot-on. This little girl is two.

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Run that pagent your mind. Why would her parents put her into such an adult costume? She should be wearing a little-girl frilly dress with little girl shoes and a pair of frilly short socks. This sweet toddler doesn't seem to have makeup on. But her costume definitely puts her image into the beauty category. Gimme the eye bleach, please. I hd nude video live girls the eye bleach again.

Seriously, this little girl, five years old at most, has been outfitted in a form-fitting dress that looks more suitable for a woman in her thirties.

Try Dolly Parton. Young her fake chest measurement? No, let's not go there.


As it turns out, her mother may have lost custody of this child for stuffing her bra and panties for "Toddlers and Tiaras. Makeup next. Her eyeshadow and mascara are more appropriate for a young woman, not a preschooler. Her blush, like an earlier example, appears intended to slenderize a rounded, young face. And the foundation looks like it was caked on with a shovel. Maybe to "even pagent her complexion? Finally, what is with the wig?

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It's white! It's bouffant, like the hairstyles of the s. Where is the little girl that's competing? Bring her out!